For Your Consideration


    Hawaiʻi Singer-Songwriter

    American Roots:
    — Best Americana Performance —
    — Best American Roots Song —

    Candidate for Special Merit Award:
    — Best Song for Social Change —

    ‘It’s Time To Build A Bridge’

      —  Lyrics & Music by  —
      John Cruz and Mark Herschler

      “This single from one of my favorite singer-songwriters, John Cruz, gives listeners one of the greatest gifts of all, a strong sense of community connection and hope. Yes, we can.”
      Grammy® winning producer and engineer and co-founder of Playing for Change 

      “When you turn on the news, radio or TV, it’s rare to see our common bonds and their power celebrated. But few things are more important. Our commonalities and shared needs & dreams are far greater than our differences and will drive exponentially more benefits than fighting each other. It’s time.”
      -JOHN CRUZ

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